PVPP stabilisation plants


For treatment of beer and other beverages

  • reliable beer stabilisation
  • low PVPP losses
  • easy to handle
The Synox 2.0® PS is a development of Bucher Unipektin AG Competence Center Filtration’s market leading candle filters, and uses the same robust and reliable, patented STABOX® candles. Recognizing the serious shortcomings of “traditional” horizontal pressure-leaf PVPP filters, the Synox ® PS is based on two decades of positive experience with candle filters. The new and patented “JETCONTROL® 2.0” inlet distributor allows superior flow control. Higher reliability:
  • rstable and long-life filter elements (non-fouling, welded, steel wedge-wire lasting >15 years without deterioration)
  • a simple and reliable process concept (constant hydraulic conditions)
  • no moving parts and few elastomer seals
Lower operating costs:
  • rlower PVPP losses compared to horizontal leaf filters
  • short regeneration and total downtimes
  • infrequent, semi-skilled maintenance
  • high productivity and low specific costs