Precoat Candle Filter


The new generation of candle filter offers the most efficient and economical solution

  • Reduced pre- and postrun
  • Reduced beer losses
  • Reduced cleaning water consumption

The SYNOX 2.0® offers excellent value for all kind of precoat filtration within a hygienic environment. Typical applications include filtration of beer, wine; all clear beverages as well as liquid food components such as gelatine, sugar syrup, edible oil and the like.


he small filter for beer and beverage filtration

  • compact design
  • plug & play
  • best value for money
The SECUJET® is a compact precoat candle filter, completely skid-mounted on wheels. It incorporates the patented STABOX® filter candle technology. It can be operated with Diatomaceous Earth (“Kieselguhr”) or other filter aids to remove yeast cells, bacteria, and other unwanted small particles.