For the production of concentrated fruit juices and aroma essences.

Tubular falling film evaporator system

The vacuum falling film evaporators are designed for the production of high quality juice concentrates and aroma essences. They typically combine the process steps pasteurization, aroma stripping and concentration in one system. Short processing time, low heat impact and sophisticated hygienic design predestinated the evaporators for the concentration of all kinds of fruit juices, e.g. from apples, pears, berries, grapes and stone fruits. Due to the uniquely designed liquid distributors they can handle juices with high suspended solids contents and with tartrate.

  • Single pass design for maximal product quality
  • Energy efficient multi stage system
  • Integrated, independently controlled pasteurizer
  • Sophisticated liquid distribution for long cleaning intervals
  • Optimized CIP with high performance spray nozzles