Adsorbers / Ion exchanger

For clear and cloudy fruit juices and for treatment of fruit juices and extracts.

Adsorption systems

Adsorbers are used for processing of clear fruit juices (mainly apple and pear) in order to prevent post haze formation as well as for partial colour reduction. Using specific resins it is possible to reduce patulin and HFM levels significantly.

Another main application for Adsorbers is the refinement of citrus juices: enhancement of the organoleptic properties by reducing the bitter components (e.g. limonin, naringin) in juices and the astringency of peel extracts, prevention of haze formation in clear lemon juice by hesperidin reduction.
Further specific applications are the extraction of anthocyanin as natural colourant from juice or pomace (e.g. aronia, elderberry, grape or black carrot) and the extraction of bioactives (e.g. phenolic components). Treatment of other products can be developed on request.

A special feature of our Adsorbers is the ability to treat clear and cloudy juices. The enlarged application range represents additional benefit for our customers.

  • Ideal for stabilisation, decolourisation and debittering of fruit juices
  • Enhanced product quality without using additives
  • Minimal processing cost
  • Fully automatic, PLC control and PC based operator interface

Ion Exchange systems

Ion Exchange Systems are mainly used for treating juices and extracts from apples, pears, peaches and fruit canning wastes (e.g. pineapple peels). They can adjust the sugar/acid ratio of fruit juices (fruit acid reduction) and recover fruit sugars from peels and other by-products (complete de-ionisation). By adding a polishing step with adsorption resins, colourless fruit sugar solutions can be produced.

• Ideal technology for the production of acid reduced or de-ionised fruit juices and fruit sugar syrup from juices, peel extracts and canning wastes
• Unique design for treating cloudy juices
• Minimal processing cost
• Fully automatic, PLC control and PC based operator interface