Vegetable juices

Vegetable juices

Bucher has been supplying HP presses for vegetable processing since 1965. Today’s Bucher HPX 6007 is a universal press and offers a great variety of applications. Processors of vegetables usually need a high degree of universality in their juice extraction process. There are companies who process not only a variety of vegetable, but also core fruit and berries in various quantities. The advantages of the Bucher HPX 6007 are evident in its ability to adapt rapidly to the product, resulting in improved performance. The ability to handle a great many varieties is especially important when processing vegetables.

Pressed vegetables juices are processed not only into beverages, but also into ingredients for foodstuffs or for other applications. The universality of the juice extraction procedure in these other branches of the industry is also of importance.

The objectives when pressing vegetables are similar or equal to the pressed products. However, certain criteria have priority when processing vegetables:

• High juice yield
• High yield of additional components
• Optimal juice extraction process
• High economic efficiency

These objectives can be readily achieved with the Bucher HPX 6007.