Soup / reaction flavors

Soup and reaction flavors

Hydrolysed vegetable- or other vegetable proteins (HVP or HPP) mainly form mixtures from amino acids and other substances such as salt and peptides (recovered through hydrolysis of vegetable proteins).

Hydrolised proteins originate from Eastern Asia. There, fermentation in order to preserve and/or taste-adaption of protein in essential nutritionals such as fish and meat is used for centuries. Vegetables such as legumes, corn, soya-beans and wheat are used as raw-material for similar fermentation-processes.

Most of the HVP's are used as ingredient in instant soups. Other areas are products with distinct meat-or spicy taste such as bouillons, soups, sauces, processed meat, fish and poultry or snacks.

Other HVP's are ingredient in numerous finished products or deliver a meat-like taste by carefully mixture and/or process on base of the "Maillard"-reactions.