Natural colorants

The movement towards natural foods is unbowed. Coloring ingredients from eatable fruit and plants achieve increasing importance in the food processing as substitutes for artificial substances.

Such "coloring foods" are fruit- and vegetable-concentrates having a vast palette of shining colors for a wide range of applications.

Typical starting substances are fruits among we find elder berries, black currant, grapes or vegetables such as red beet, red cabbage and black carrots.

For the production of coloring ingredients Bucher Unipektin is supplying either key-components or complete production lines, starting with raw-material reception down to the concentrated liquid or vacuum dried final product.

Process step & key components:

Cell disruption

Grinding mills and thermal mash treatment


Solid- / liquid separation by proven Bucher HP pressing systems with integrated leaching for post extraction achieving maximised color yields

Cleaning-/filtration of extracts

Micro- and ultrafiltration plants, adsorber and ion exchangers

Extract concentration

Nano-filtrationplants, multiple stage evaporators and vacuum drying (batch or continously operated)