Fruit juices

Apple and pear juices

With regard to the production of high quality apple- and pear-juices, Bucher technologies are the globally leading solutions: we offer the best answers for economical and resource-saving production. These solutions are in hard duty all over the world. Especially estimated: the most hygienically operation.

Berry juices

Optimized colour-values and overall yields belong to the most important economical demands in processing berries as well.

These targets will be achieved by berry-lines as designed by Bucher with ease. Already at the reception and conditioning of fresh or frozen berries our customers will profit from our decades of experience.

Notably gentle crushing, completed with mash-heating, allow maximised juice yields with little solid content. For the filtration we procure the most suitable membrane, in the ultra- as well as in the micro filtration range. Our evaporators allow an optimized essence recovery and concentration on low steam consumption.

Citrus juices

Together with our subsidiary Bucher Alimentech Ltd. (New Zealand) we occupy a leading position in the field of debittering and haze stabilisation of citrus juices and extracts. Another application is the acid reduction in disharmoniously sour juices. We can provide plants for treating clear and cloudy juices.

The debittering and stabilisation plants base on the principle of adsorption. By means of special resins the bitter components Limonin and Naringin are withdrawn from the juices. For acid reduction ion exchange resins are applied.