Organisation Bucher Specials

Bucher Specials belongs to Bucher Industries and comprises independent businesses with equipment and technologies for processing fruit juice and instant products and for dewatering sewage sludge (Bucher Unipektin), machinery and equipment for beer filtration (Bucher Unipektin AG Competence Center Filtration), for winemaking (Bucher Vaslin), a Swiss distributorship for tractors and specialised agricultural machinery (Bucher Landtechnik) as well as control systems for automation technology (Jetter).

Bucher Unipektin

Bucher Unipektin is an expert partner and supplier of machinery and systems for solid-liquid separation, filtration, drying, juice processing and concentrate production, mainly for fruit juices and purées, but also for instant products and dewatering sewage sludge. Bucher Unipektin AG Competence Center Filtration complete the beverage technology activities in the area of beer filtration.

Bucher Vaslin

Bucher Vaslin develops and produces equipment destined exclusively for winemaking, from grape processing through to the finest quality wines. Thanks to gentle processing of the fruit, versatile adaptation to different grape varieties and special fermentation systems, the wines develop maximum aroma, colour and tannins.

Bucher Landtechnik

Bucher Landtechnik distributes machines which are geared to the specific requirements of Swiss farmers: tractors, machinery and equipment from the Group’s own production as well as from leading world suppliers.


Jetter develops and manufactures control systems for machinery and systems engineering and process technology. They are used in the industrial and mobile automation segments.

Group structure of Bucher Industries

A clear divisional structure with decentralised management and profit responsibility makes Bucher Industries a flexible and adaptable group.

Bucher Industries comprises five specialised divisions and four independent businesses in industrially related areas with high growth and earnings potential.

Specialised divisions:
Kuhn Group
Bucher Municipal
Bucher Hydraulics
Bucher Emhart Glas
Bucher Specials